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Shopping for Foosball Tables

Foosball is an amazing and under-rated game.  It requires a ton of skill, a little bit of luck, and it helps to play on the right foosball table too!

Skill, you'll have to acquire through lots of practice...

Luck... well if you figure out how to get some of that, please let me know!

The right foosball table - THAT is something I can help you with!

There are a ton of foosball tables out there, with all kinds of features, bells & whistles - it can be very confusing and off-putting for someone just getting into foosball.  Perhaps you just want a fun new activity for your family's game room - this shouldn't be a long and difficult process... right?

If you know what you want and what to look for, it can actually be pretty easy to shop for foosball tables.  What's even more important, is knowing what you don't need.  Certain features on foosball tables add a lot to the overall price, so if there are certain features you don't need, searching for tables without them can save you a ton of money, plus drastically reduce the number of options you have to sort through, making it a great starting point.

Are you a serious foosball enthusiast, or a casual player? Most foosball tables fall into two main categories: professional grade and hobby grade. There is no standard to determine which is which, and this is often abused by shady manufacturers, so make sure you read reviews to find the best brands. In general, professional grade tables have more features wanted by advanced players, are built to a higher standard of quality, and cost more money. However, for the average player, a good hobby grade table can provide years of enjoyment for the whole family, without a tremendous investment. If a hobby table is good enough for you, that could easily save you $600 or more.

Do you need an outdoor weatherproof foosball table?  Probably not - right there that just took out several dozen options that cost more money because they are weatherproof - something you don't need.  On average, weatherproof tables are around $400 more than a similar table that is not weatherproof.

Do you need a fancy wooden furniture style foosball table?  If not, you just saved yourself a bunch of money, and cut out hundreds of options, making the search that much easier.  While the prices of tables like this vary substantially, a typical high end furniture style table costs an average of $500 more than a similar plastic or laminate foosball table.

Do you need electronic scoring?  While it may seem cool, unless you are working on the Guinness record for longest foosball game, you can probably keep score in your head.  Another cheap option is a simple chalkboard.  Searching for tables without electronic scoring will save you some more money, and again reduce the mountain of options, making it much easier to find the foosball table that is right for your specific needs.  This could save you around $50, but every bit helps.

Many foosball tables include a table leveling system.  This is important because even the slightest angle will cause unfair gameplay.  Some leveling systems are simple (read: cheap!) but effective, while others are much more elaborate and thus more expensive.  Yes - you want to be able to level the table properly, but don't be fooled by fancy gimmicks about the "quickest leveling system".  Generally speaking, you will level the table one time, and then it will stay there, perfectly level, unless your house settles substantially, which takes years.  Is it worth paying an extra $50 to save 1 or 2 minutes once every few years?  I really don't think so.  A simple leveling system using shims is easily $50 cheaper than a more advanced telescoping leg system.

If you've been following along, and you're happy with a foosball table that:

> is hobby grade
> is not weatherproof
> does not have the high-end furniture look
> does not have electronic scoring
> has a simple table leveling system

That could translate into a savings of over $1,600, and also reduce the number of options to a much more manageable amount. Once you have narrowed it down, it is a good idea to start looking up reviews not only of the foosball tables you are interested in, but also of the company that makes it. It's good to know you will have quality support available if there should ever be a problem.

Foosball?! You playin’ da foosball behind my back?!
— Mama - Water Boy
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